HDC on the Efficacy of Other Disinfectants

The efficiency of HDC can be improved by combining with other biocides (and vice versa), such as oxides of chlorine (ClO2), sodium hypochlorite (NaHOCl), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), and ozone (O3). The synergetic effect of HDC with H2O2 and O3 enhances the generation of hydroxyl radicals and also accelerates the decomposition rate of H2O2 and O3 in solution.

ClO2 and NaHOCl are better utilized during disinfection when used in the presence of HDC. The disinfection efficiency increased from 67.3%, obtained using HDC alone, to 98% on combining HDC with ClO2, according to one study. Also, a higher disinfection efficiency was obtained at a lower concentration of ClO2. Almost 82% disinfection was obtained using 0.5 mg/l of ClO2 as compared with 78% disinfection obtained using 1 mg/l.

In summary, HDC in combination with other biocides can increase the disinfection efficiency and reduce the biocide consumption. It is necessary to optimize the loading of biocides for their better use under HDC effects.