Voltek utilizes the patented Energix process for small capacity catalytic conversion plants. The patented Energix process achieves catalytic conversions at low bulk gas temperatures.

The process utilizes graphene type nanofibers to provide activation energy and reaction temperatures “locally” at the catalyst.

The reaction conditions are thus maintained at perfect levels using electrical energy.

Primary advantages:

  • Lower reactant gas temperatures (~450°C-500°C) allows us to use less exotic materials of construction.

  • Precise reaction conditions at catalyst surface produce very high selectivity and conversion rates.

  • Less expensive materials and higher yields make small scale plants economically viable, especially for WTE applications.

We have successfully pilot tested the following reactions for > 500 hours:

  • Methane Steam Reforming (SMR) for H2.

  • Gas To Liquids (GTL):

    • Fischer Tropsch process: Syngas (CO + H2) to alkanes.

    • Methanol synthesis.

  • Tar cracking to syngas.

  • Methanol Steam Reforming

  • De Carboxylation of waste vegetable oils to produce alkanes.